Beirut International Airport Project

The German – Lebanese Group contract includes the largest part of the airport project. Starting the actual work required a preparatory period which extended for a number of months for the building of a center for representatives of the consultants , officials from the Civil Aviation Directorate and the Council for Development and Reconstruction as well as the preparation of Ouzai port to store the necessary demolishing material and equipment. The project also required the appropriations of around 800,000 meters costing $160 million.

Stages of Execution

The Second contract includes the construction of a new 3,400 meter long western runway and a width of 60 meters , 45 meters of cement with two asphalt sides of 7.5 meters width each. The runway will be 1,900 meters long into the sea with a 2500 meter protection pier. Works on this port will continue for four years and cost $180 million. The project will also modify the airport terminal building to utilize additional areas for commercial purposes for the generation of additional revenues. The consultants , Dar Al Handasa, included these modifications to meet future needs.

The terminal building costs of $116 million include the construction of a new building complementary to the existing one to bring up the total area from 23,000 to 94,000 square meters. The ground floor of the existing terminal building is 25,000 square meters and is used for arrivals and the first floor , with an area of 37,000 square meters , caters to departures. Eight other floors with different areas provide space for the different passengers services.

The project also includes the rehabilitation of six buildings , the construction of two new ones for private aviation and one for important visitors. Work on this part of the project will begin first due to the urgent need for these buildings.

The buildings to be rehabilitated are: 

  • Public services, electric generation and air-conditioning buildings with a combined area of 5,400 square meters
  • 5,500 square meter aviation safety center
  • The civil aviation workshop and garage building within an area of 3,400 square meters
  • 630 square meter fire fighting training center
  • 670 square meter customs and the freight building
  • 10,000 square meter catering building

The new buildings are: 

  • A private aviation building with an area of 2,800 square meters.
  • The VIP building, 1650 square meters
  • A building with a parking capacity of 2,200 cars with an area of 46,000 square meters
  • A 20,000 square meter building for sorting mail